About Me!

   Hi! I'm Ashley (or Ash) and I am 13. Here's a little bit about my life and this blog. I am really happy I created this blog I love posting and I loved creating it. This blog was created in April I want it to stay up and running as long as it can go. 

I love crafts and trying new thing, I have three sister's Abby (17) Anna (15) Alexis (10). I have so much fun with them! I am so thankful to have my beautiful sisters. I moved to Mobile from New York after hurricane Katrina my parents thought the lord was calling us to start over down here. I am a Christian, I love the lord and believe that the gospel will soon be across the whole world. I got save when I was 10 and got baptized when I was twelve, my parents always said to help others before you help yourself. since then I helped with kids ministries in our old church and the sound booth. I am home-schooled go to a co-op and have friends. When I was between the age of 10-12, I struggled to get friends but now have some! And I am always looking for someone in need of a friend. I started this blog because I wanted to show other people that anyone can do anything including girls, plus I wanted to show people my ideas.

If you ever need to contact me or ask me questions then go to the contact page and type in the info then send. And make sure to share this with friends and family!😉

I hope you will enjoy this blog and hope it will inspire you just like it inspired me. Love every single one of y'all!

Love Ash 💗