About Me!

Hi! I'm Ashley (or Ash) and I am 13. Here's a little bit about my life and this blog.

I love crafts and trying new thing, I have three sister's Abby (17) Anna (15) Alexis (10). Anna has a blog called Who's Anna Grace, make sure to go check that out😜. I live in the south, so I may be saying Y'ALL a lot😁. I am a christian and a  homeschooler, I have a great church and great friends. I can't wait to share all of my ideas with Y'allπŸ˜’.
If you ever need to contact me or ask me questions then go to the contact page and type in the info then send. And make sure to share this with friends and family!πŸ˜‰
I hope you will enjoy this blog and hope it will inspire you just like it inspired me. Love every single one of y'all!

Love Ash πŸ’“

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Story Time!

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