Best Time And Place To Get A Formal Dress!

Hey Everyone! Today I am going to tell you the best spot and time to get a dress for a formal occasion. This is my last year in a middle school dance, and I wanted to get a beautiful dress because the last years I got a church dress. So my mom and I went to Dillards to look for some dresses. I probably tried on at least 20 dresses. the last dress we tried on I fell in love with it. but they didn't have my size and it was $200. And my mom's price range was $50. I'll finish telling you the story after I tell you the best places and time to buy your dress.

    Hands down the best time are probably October, the beginning of February, or the end of January.
So there are only about five good places to get your dress.

Ok, those are the only places I know that have good and pretty dresses. we don't have a Macys here but when I visited NY and went in, there were some beautiful dresses. Let's finish the story. A few weeks later my friends were like let's go to the mall and get dresses for the dance, and my mom was going to make me another dress. I was like sure but I can't get anything, So we went to the mall, shopped at other stores and the last store was Dillards, we went in and looked at all the dresses, probably tried on about and I tried on 2. And then I saw the dress that I saw with my mom when we went, I had to try it on to show my friends the dress, but I didn't want to look at the tag because I knew it would say $200! But then one of the girls looked, and they were like "Ashley this dress is only $60." 

   Then I called my mom and asked her if My friends mom could buy it and pay her back. So I went to go and check it out and the lady was like... "Oh, the price seems to be matched wrong let me go and fix it." 
Let me tell ya, she was gone for about 20 minutes. And when she finally came back she said that the price wasn't discounted enough so it was really supposed to be $25 dollars. We ended up buying the dress and I wore it to the dance. I have two pictures from the dance, and I am going to put them right down here, hope you like the dress and pictures.

I hope that you will find your dream dress just like I did😊. Thank you so much for reading my blog. I hope you enjoyed this post! And please share this if you liked it or one of my past posts. I'll talk to y'all later!

Love Ash💗