Airplane Hacks!

Hey everyone! I am so sorry I haven't posted in a while😔. I have been out of town in NY! It was so much fun... But now I am back and ready to start posting again. Today's post is a couple of airplanes hacks for y'all. (I took a plane back and now have a few tricks up my sleeve😏.) 


Three hacks for food:

Hack #1: Bring a bag of cereal and a spoon, and then once you get on the plane ask for a cup of milk. Then pour your cereal into the cup and enjoy!

Hack #2:
Bring a hot chocolate pack, ask for a hot glass of water. Then dump in your hot chocolate, and there you go a warm cup of hot cocoa!

Hack #3: This one is kind of the same thing as the one above, but bring an oatmeal pack and ask for a cup of hot water and pour in the oatmeal!

Three hacks for packing clothes:

Hack #1: Always roll your clothes! If you're a folder then I feel really bad for you, start rolling your clothes it gives you so much more space.

Hack #2: You should start using storage cubes😉. Trust me you will thank me. What you do is you just ROLL your clothes and you put them in the cubes, you will be able to fit like two, maybe even three outfits in them. These will also save you sooo much space!

Hack #3: Pack neutral colors so you will have more outfits to wear. So you can match them with a whole bunch of different types of clothing!

Three hacks for packing accessories:

Hack #1: You know how whenever you pack jewelry and it always gets tangled and you have to sit there for the rest of your life trying to untangle it. Well, I am here to save you, put your jewelry through a straw clasp the ends together and they will never get tangled again... BOOM!

Hack #2: This one is for your makeup. Buy some cotton pads, and put it inside of your makeup case. Then when You are on the plane your makeup won't get cracked!

Hack #3: Get a contact holder, and squirt a little bit of your product in the two holes so you won't have to bring the whole bottle. (Cause we all know you don't need a full bottle of your product🙂.)

Bonus Hack! Bring an empty water bottle through the security system, then once your through fill it up in the drinking fountains. Because we don't want to have to buy a 
"$100 water bottle" 

There you go, those are 9 +1 hacks for traveling in an airplane. I hope you enjoyed this blog post! I will be posting more now that I am back from New York. Bye!

Love Ash 💗