A Day In My Life!

   Hey everyone! Today I am going to be telling y'all a day in my life, so get comfy😏. 

  The first thing I do is I go to the bathroom🙃, I cant start the day without peeing, I know y'all are going to be like "Ashley!" But it is a part of nature so yea... BOOM! Ok, let's get back on track, next I always go look around my house looking to see if everyone is awake if they are not I go back to my bed and watch tv. Once everyone one is up I go torment my sisters', because I am a sister and you can't be a sister and not act like a sister. Then I get lectured THEN I go and get ready for the day. After I am dressed and my room is clean I get out my school work (btw I am a homeschooler😜.) Takes me till 12 to do all my school. Then my mom would go shopping for food, and this would be my chance to write a blog post. By the time my mom gets home, it is like 5 and she starts making dinner, while she does that I hang out with my sisters, and y'all are probably like wow she must love her sisters... when I say hangout I mean fight, sometimes it is playing but it almost always ends up with a huge fight. Then our mom gives us things to do😕. When dinner is done and eaten we get our PJs we watch tv and sleep. And if your wondering where my dad is he is normally out of town for the week🙁.

That is basically my days. I hope y'all have a better day than me! Thank you so much for reading my blog. I hope you enjoyed this post! And please share this if you liked it or one of my past posts. I'll talk to y'all later!

Love Ash💗