I am sorry.. (+5 period hacks)

Hello everyone! I am really sorry I have not posted in a while. But today I thought I could do a few period hacks.


Before you get in your shower get a pad ready for your underwear so you can get out and put it on.


If you do not have a heating pad warm up water in a mug then pour it into a water bottle and stick it on you cramps.


Make a playlist and name it period playlist so whenever you are felling down or gross just turn it on so you can get more energetic.


always bring a bag that has your essentials in it so if you start you will always be prepared +if  your friends start their period you will always have their back. Here is my post on what you can pack⇶  A tween girls survival Kit!


When you are on your period in class you can bring a water bottle that is not clear where people can see thru it stick a pad or tampon in it and bring it with you.

Thank you so much for reading my blog. I hope you enjoyed this! And maybe one of these will help you. And that is it... Bye!

Love Ash💗