Sorry I had to take a break...

Hey everyone! I am sorry I have not posted in a week. I have been pet-sitting all week, and the dog needed a lot of attention🐶😦.  So I was thinking why don't I tell everyone on my blog 2 of the best jobs they can do to get some money. It can be a tween or a teen. 



Sell jewelry. my sisters are doing this and they get a decent amount of money.Go check out there account on instagram➡ @mbandagshop. Their jewelry is nice I have bought a lot of it.

#2 Pet-sitting. I started when I was 11 I recommend to do this job under 13, cause I got bored of it when I turned thirteen. But it is a very good and fun job if you are active. I got quite a lot of money.

I hope you enjoyed this post! these jobs give a lot of money. Tell me in the comments something y'all want to see, or take my survey. Love y'all.

Love Ash💗