TV Shows!

Hey everyone! today I am telling Y'all 4 of my favorite shows that I watch. 



I love this show it has romance, a mystery, and drama. Its rated TV-14, there is only one season right now, but they are coming out with another season on October 11th.


another good show, there is a LOT of drama, some romance. It is rated PG, but it should be rated PG-13 because there are some inappropriate scenes. And there are three Series.


Love this one! There is romance and obviously a lot of aliens because she is an alien. It is rated PG, also there are some inappropriate scenes. And there are two seasons.


Very good show. There is some romance, a lot of drama, and a little mystery. it is rated PG, there is some cussing. There are ten seasons, and they are coming out with another season in November (I don't know the date📅). 

Those are some good shows. And I did not tell what they are like, I just told you what they have in them because I didn't know how to tell y'all without spoiling it😉. I hope you enjoyed this post! I am really trying to post everyday😕. SO YEA BYEE! (Lol)

Love Ash💗