My Makeup!

Hey everyone! Today I will be sharing everything I have in my makeup collection💄I have a lot of  ELF because I love that product and it is cheap$$💵.


Lip gloss.
 I have three of Rimmel London brand, and four of the Maybelline brand. I also have a lip gloss that I got at Victoria secret. My favorite is the Rimmel brand- keep calm and shop. The light blue baby lips is SPF 20, I always bring that to the beach or pool.

Eyeliner & Eyebrow pencil.
I have two eyeliners. The first brand is Elf, It is a liquid, not my favorite but its good. And the second one is a pencil, it is also Elf. Also have two of the same eyebrow pencils, and the brand is Elf :)

Concealers & Beauty Blenders.
I have one concealer and one eye shadow primer plus a beauty blender. Both brands are Elf. And the beauty blender are up&up.

Eye shadow & Blush.
I have two eye shadow pallets, one is Colormates, and the other is Elf. My blushes are all Elf too. Plus my finishing powders are Elf too!

I have a water proof mascara and a normal one. The water proof is Covergirl, and the normal is Maybelline. The water proof mascara is Awesome totally recommend that brand.

I have two of the same face brushes, and an angled blush brush, blending eye brush, defining eye brush, and two different eye shadow brushes. And they are all Elf!!! 

And the last thing is my eye lash curler, and it is also Elf :|

And that is all my makeup... I have a lot of  Elf  because its cheap😊, and I like it. I hope you enjoyed seeing all of my makeup! Be sure to check out other things on my blog, I am going to be posting much more, So ya byee!

Love Ash💗