Diy- How To Make A phone Stand!

Hey everyone! Today I am doing a DIY. I have not done a diy in a long time😫. what I am making, is a phone stand it is super easy and while I was making it I was saying to Anna (my older sister) that it was so much fun decorating it and watching it come together! so lets get started.


Things you will need:

-Washie Tape
-Clear Tape
-Toilet Paper Roll
-4 Push Pin

   Start by measuring the bottom of your phone on the toilet paper roll.

 Cut out the hole you measured on toilet paper role.

Then wrap your washie tape all around the toilet paper role, even around the hole you cut, but once you get to the very last part of your hole cut right down the middle of that, push it down. and put clear tape under that so the washie tape will stay.

After you cover it, put clear tape around all of it, so it will stay on.

Then stick the push pins in the bottom so it will be like a stand. And in the inside put an eraser so it wont poke you and it will stay in the card board.

That is all. I hope you enjoyed this! I will be doing much more diys for y'all. SEE YOU LATER!

Love Ash💗