Back To School Backpacks (For Girls)

Hey everyone! Summer is getting closer and closer to the end, and I thought it would be awesome if I did something were y'all can see some of the stuff what put in my backpack! So lets get started. 



#1 Backpack. You need a backpack to hold all your stuff, or else you'll always have sore arms from holding your books!


#2 Binders. You will obviously need binders for your homework or work already done. you can also get my cute binder covers here! → Binder Covers!


#3 Pencils. Everyone needs pencils! You cant do any of your work with out those. They can be pencils colored pencils etc. Any kind of pencils. You should always pack a pencil case with pencils, markers,  pencil sharpener, or scissors, and even an eraser, anything you pack in there. and I always keep in another pocket in my backpack like 5 more pencils cause I always run out! At least one time a month I always have to ask one of my friends for a pencil!😂


#4 Note-Book. I always pack a note book just in case I need to take notes or write a phone number down. In my class, its a bible study I always bring a notebook for that class in case I need to write a prayer down or a reminder.


#5 Just In Case Bag. The just in case bag is a bag for girls who always forget things. Like a hair tie, some deodorant, also a feminine product.  Go check out my my other post.→ A tween girls survival Kit! 


There you go, your 5 things you will defiantly need for school. I am also so sorry I have not been posting I was on my last summer vacation at a wonderful lake house... But know I am back! I hope you enjoyed! If you pack anything different please tell me in the comments below. Bye guys!

Love Ash💗