5 Things Only Lazy People Understand

Hey everyone! Yesterday I was trying to think about what I can post on my blog. and at night I was watching a youtuber who did Things Only Lazy People Understand. So I thought it would be perfect for my blog! Please send me through email ashdebruin10@gmail.com or in the comments, some ideas to do on the blog, now lets get started!


When your laying in bed and you forgot to turn off the light, so you start throwing things at the switch and hope for it to turn off, because your to lazy to get up and turn it off.


When you lay down on the couch assuming that the remote is right there, but then realizing it is all the way across the room and then hoping that you will have the power to make the remote come to you, because your to lazy to get up and get it.


 When something is right next to you but your to lazy to get up and grab it so you call someone in to the room just to get it for you.


 Laying in the living room with your phone, and you know it is about to die but you just wait until it is just about to die, then run into your room as fast as you can to charge it.


You have a fit bit and yu want to get your steps up but your to lazy to walk from your room to the kitchen. 

That is all. I hope you enjoyed this post! I know that I can relate to all of these, comment down below if you can relate to any of them. BYEEE!

Love Ash💗