Thursday, August 31, 2017

TV Shows!

Hey everyone! today I am telling Y'all 4 of my favorite shows that I watch. 

I love this show it has romance, a mystery and drama. Its rated TV-14, there is only one season right now, but they are coming out with another season on October 11th.

another good show, there is a LOT of drama, some romance. Its is rated PG, but it should be rated PG-13 because there are some inappropriate scenes. And there are three Series.

Love this one! There is romance and obviously a lot of aliens because she is an alien. It is rated PG, also there are some inappropriate scenes. And there are two seasons.

Very good show. There is some romance, a lot of drama, and a little mystery. it is rated PG, there is some cussing. There are ten seasons, and they are coming out with another season in November (I dont know the date📅). 

Those are some good shows. And I did not tell what they are like, I just told you what they have in them because I didn't know how to tell y'all with out spoiling it😉. I hope you enjoyed this post! I am really trying to post everyday😕. SO YA BYEE! (Lol)

Love Ash💗

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

My Makeup!

Hey everyone! Today I will be sharing everything I have in my makeup collection💄I have a lot of  ELF because I love that product and it is cheap$$💵.


Lip gloss.
 I have three of Rimmel London brand, and four of the Maybelline brand. I also have a lip gloss that I got at Victoria secret. My favorite is the Rimmel brand- keep calm and shop. The light blue baby lips is SPF 20, I always bring that to the beach or pool.

Eyeliner & Eyebrow pencil.
I have two eyeliners. The first brand is Elf, It is a liquid, not my favorite but its good. And the second one is a pencil, it is also Elf. Also have two of the same eyebrow pencils, and the brand is Elf :)

Concealers & Beauty Blenders.
I have one concealer and one eye shadow primer plus a beauty blender. Both brands are Elf. And the beauty blender are up&up.

Eye shadow & Blush.
I have two eye shadow pallets, one is Colormates, and the other is Elf. My blushes are all Elf too. Plus my finishing powders are Elf too!

I have a water proof mascara and a normal one. The water proof is Covergirl, and the normal is Maybelline. The water proof mascara is Awesome totally recommend that brand.

I have two of the same face brushes, and an angled blush brush, blending eye brush, defining eye brush, and two different eye shadow brushes. And they are all Elf!!! 

And the last thing is my eye lash curler, and it is also Elf :|

And that is all my makeup... I have a lot of  Elf  because its cheap😊, and I like it. I hope you enjoyed seeing all of my makeup! Be sure to check out other things on my blog, I am going to be posting much more, So ya byee!

Love Ash💗

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Diy- How To Make A phone Stand!

Hey everyone! Today I am doing a DIY. I have not done a diy in a long time😫. what I am making, is a phone stand it is super easy and while I was making it I was saying to Anna (my older sister) that it was so much fun decorating it and watching it come together! so lets get started.

Things you will need:

-Washie Tape
-Clear Tape
-Toilet Paper Roll
-4 Push Pin

   Start by measuring the bottom of your phone on the toilet paper roll.

 Cut out the hole you measured on toilet paper role.

Then wrap your washie tape all around the toilet paper role, even around the hole you cut, but once you get to the very last part of your hole cut right down the middle of that, push it down. and put clear tape under that so the washie tape will stay.

After you cover it, put clear tape around all of it, so it will stay on.

Then stick the push pins in the bottom so it will be like a stand. And in the inside put an eraser so it wont poke you and it will stay in the card board.

That is all. I hope you enjoyed this! I will be doing much more diys for y'all. SEE YOU LATER!

Love Ash💗

Saturday, August 19, 2017

5 Things Only Lazy People Understand

Hey everyone! Yesterday I was trying to think about what I can post on my blog. and at night I was watching a youtuber who did Things Only Lazy People Understand. So I thought it would be perfect for my blog! Please send me through email or in the comments, some ideas to do on the blog, now lets get started!

When your laying in bed and you forgot to turn off the light, so you start throwing things at the switch and hope for it to turn off, because your to lazy to get up and turn it off.

When you lay down on the couch assuming that the remote is right there, but then realizing it is all the way across the room and then hoping that you will have the power to make the remote come to you, because your to lazy to get up and get it.

 When something is right next to you but your to lazy to get up and grab it so you call someone in to the room just to get it for you.

 Laying in the living room with your phone, and you know it is about to die but you just wait until it is just about to die, then run into your room as fast as you can to charge it.

You have a fit bit and yu want to get your steps up but your to lazy to walk from your room to the kitchen. 

That is all. I hope you enjoyed this post! I know that I can relate to all of these, comment down below if you can relate to any of them. BYEEE!

Love Ash💗

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Hey everyone! Welcome back. I am so sorry I have not posted in a while I have been very busy with school cause we just started up again. Today I thought I could share this workout you can do at home  that will only take you like ten minutes everyday. 

This is one of the coolest workouts I have ever seen! You do not have to do your name every time,  you can do your last name, your boyfriends name or your friends name etc! 


Please comment down below if you want to see anything else on this blog. I am starting this workout and will tell y'all if this worked. You might need to do this for about 2 months if you want it to actually help you lose calories :[ I hope you enjoyed this! Cant wait to post some more for y'all. BYE

Love Ash💗

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Back To School Backpacks (For Girls)

Hey everyone! Summer is getting closer and closer to the end, and I thought it would be awesome if I did something were y'all can see some of the stuff what put in my backpack! So lets get started. 


#1 Backpack. You need a backpack to hold all your stuff, or else you'll always have sore arms from holding your books!


#2 Binders. You will obviously need binders for your homework or work already done. you can also get my cute binder covers here! → Binder Covers!


#3 Pencils. Everyone needs pencils! You cant do any of your work with out those. They can be pencils colored pencils etc. Any kind of pencils. You should always pack a pencil case with pencils, markers,  pencil sharpener, or scissors, and even an eraser, anything you pack in there. and I always keep in another pocket in my backpack like 5 more pencils cause I always run out! At least one time a month I always have to ask one of my friends for a pencil!😂


#4 Note-Book. I always pack a note book just in case I need to take notes or write a phone number down. In my class, its a bible study I always bring a notebook for that class in case I need to write a prayer down or a reminder.


#5 Just In Case Bag. The just in case bag is a bag for girls who always forget things. Like a hair tie, some deodorant, also a feminine product.  Go check out my my other post.→ A tween girls survival Kit! 


There you go, your 5 things you will defiantly need for school. I am also so sorry I have not been posting I was on my last summer vacation at a wonderful lake house... But know I am back! I hope you enjoyed! If you pack anything different please tell me in the comments below. Bye guys!

Love Ash💗 

Story Time!

Hey everyone! today is July 1st, and I thought it would be a good idea to start this month if I tell y'all one of my stories in my life....