Hey everyone! Welcome back, today I thought I would share another story in my life that happened to me when I was 4 years old. So here we go...

    My dad had just left to NY for a youth group meeting, my moms side of the family lived were my dad was going so my grandparents and my uncle came down and we were planning on going to go to the beach. And keep in mind we had only lived in Mobile for about 6 months. so we were off to the beach as soon as my family came, on our way we stopped at Alligator Alley, because we thought it would be fun to look at the alligators. So we all jumped out of the car and everyone got their tennis shoes on, because they thought it would be a hike, except for me I kept my flip flops on because I was comfortable in those. Then we started to walk down the side walk seeing the water but we saw no alligators, and it was not a hike😜. On our way back I saw some picnic tables, so I decided to walk over by them. And as soon as I put my foot in the grass my foot started to hurt and then I started to cry, and my mom said " you should have worn tennis shoes. " Because she thought it was red ants. then she looked down, and below my ankle was 2 trickles of blood. We both looked up and saw a snake slither away. I was still crying and my grandpa picked me up And back to the car, everyone followed and my uncle picked up my little sister and ran too, but Alexis dropped her shoes so he ran back grabbed her shoes then got in the car. My mom called the ambulance and we met them at a gas station, they put me in a chair in the fire truck, checked my foot then I went in the ambulance and road to the hospital, my whole leg was turning black and every time it went up the doctors would mark it with a sharpie and write the time. Just me and my mom went, and my grandparents and uncle went to the house with my sisters and waited till I got out of the hospital to go to the beach. I couldn't walk on it, the doctors put me in a room to get shots but they did not let mom come in so when they were done, I spent 1 day in that room then they moved us to another room so my mom could sleep because there was no bed or couch in the last one. The first time I had to go to the bathroom in the room they gave me a bucket, and I said that I would not pee in that so they brought me a toilet. Another day went by and my grandma came to watch me while mom went home to take a shower, she also brought all of my sisters and some toys from our house😜. My sisters and I pretended that we were on a roller coaster in my bed🎢. when my mom got back we all said goodbye and they left. The last day mom and I decided to go to the play room, while my mom went to the bath room she told me to practice wealing around in the weal-chair. When we got to the play room I played with the doctor toys the whole time, and when we were leaving a nurse came up to us and gave me the set to keep, and it costed like $20! Finally we went to the beach but I still could not walk so I had to scooch around on my butt. My mom and grandparents decided to put me in the salt water, and then the next day my leg was feeling much better. On the last day My mom told me to go brush my teeth so I scoched in there and reached for my tooth brush, and then I pushed myself up using the counter top, and I could walk! I ran out to the living room and told everyone, so I guess salt water can help wounds😉. When we got home my other grandparents had sent a little doctor baby doll. and I got to see my dad!

I hope you enjoyed this! It took me three hours to type all this. If you have any questions then leave it in the description and I will answer. and that is it. BYE!!!

Love Ash💗