Story Time!

Hey everyone! today is July 1st, and I thought it would be a good idea to start this month if I tell y'all one of my stories in my life.

   This happened when I was in NY, my grandma said when we visit her she would take all of my family on a horse ride, because I love horses. And when the day came we decided it was going to be a grand-daughters and grandma day, so we left my mom at the house and all went out to ride horses. When we got there we thought we took a wrong turn cause no one was there so we all jumped in the car again and drove to the house that was on the lot. so we went there but no one was there either! Then we went back to the barn, the barn was filled with junk.We waited hoping that they are just on a trail ride, and as we were leaving eight horses came walking over by our car with people. When the people from the last trail ride left the lady asked us who is the most experienced with horses, I said I was cause I was the only one who had taken horse lessons. So the lady gave me a horse that used to be a racing horse, we all got on our horses we started our way down the driveway. when we were half way down the driveway my older sister Abby said that she didn't want to do this... So we all went back, grandma decided that Abby and her would stay there while Anna Alexis and I would go alone, oh and there was also an old man who was really rude. while we were in the middle of the trail the lady asked us if we wanted to trot a little bit, we all said yes. So we did it a little every ten minutes, and every time I noticed that my horse was a little to jerky. Finally we were on our way back and I did not want to go trotting again but everyone did so we went in a big field and we started but everyone was ahead of me and I realized that the horse went into a canter. Then as soon as I know it I flew of the horse! My horse ran into the forest area and then I went unconscious for a few seconds. when I woke up she asked me to walk around and I said that my back was broken (but it wasn't 😋.) then when we were riding back I rode her horse, there was no way I was getting back on that horse. when we got home I iced my back because my mom said it was really bruised, and the pain went away in three days. Oh and I fell in a pile of thorns, so my arm was cut up!

That is it! I am planning on once every month I will tell y'all a crazy story of my life. I hope you enjoyed this post! I'll see you guys next time. BYE!

Love Ash💗