2017 Bucket List!

Hey everyone! Welcome back. today I am going to be telling y'all about me and friends bucket list. Sometimes we get bored and we need to make a bucket list to keep us active in the summer. these are 35 things we wrote to do this summer.

1. Play three card games

2. Water balloon fight!
3. Have a picnic
4. Bake 
5. Play hide and seek in the mall
6. Go to the movies
7. go to the park
8. have a Bookclub
9. Do a craft
10. Make homemade ice-cream 
11. Have a lemonade stand
12. Camp-out in back yard
13. Go to the beach
14. RAOK ( random act of kindness )
15. Play the hunger games
16. Wash the car
17. Draw a chalk town
18. Go mini golfing
19. Go roller blading/ bowling
20. Go to baseball game
21. Tie dye
22. Make a fort
23. Ride bikes
24. Go blueberry picking 
25. Go yard saling 
26. Watch the meteor shower
27. Go laser tagging
28. Chase the ice-cream truck
29. Have an all nighter
30. Make a friend-ship playlist
31. Make a time capsule 
32. Have a scrap-book 
33. Do or watch something scary
34. say yes or no for a day
35. Prank call

Those are all the thing we thought would be fun to do for us. I hope you enjoyed this! I am so sorry that I did not post this at the beginning of the summer. but I hope that this will help you or your friends with stuff to do. comment down below if you have any ideas to do this summer. BYE!

Love Ash💗