Hey everyone! Today is DIY MONDAY, and I will be showing you how to make slime.


You will need:

* Elmer's glue
* Borax 

* Water
* food coloring 

Start by putting the glue in a bowl ( the bowl can be any size). With the glue bottle fill it with water to the top, dump it in the same bowl with the glue. 

Next, you will put one cup of water into a microwaveable bowl then pop it in the microwave for about a minute and thirty seconds. When that is done put one teaspoon of borax into the hot water, and stir till it is dissolved.
After that, you're going to pour the water into the glue and water bowl, just a little bit at a time!😜 You can mix it with a fork or be crazy and dive right in😀, it should be less sticky to your fork or hands when you mix it more. While its still sticky add your food coloring to it and mix it up. And here are some simple things you should know about slime. It will wash out of clothes. Add water if it gets sticky.
That is it, I hope you enjoyed this DIY! And make sure to go check out my previous posts. 

Love Ash💗