Monday, May 1, 2017

App review!

Hey everyone! Today I will be reviewing an app. Here is the link for it   Floorplanner.  This is personally the best game I have ever played. this game is more for 10+. I don't think you can download it, I was just looking for something to do because I was bored😐. 
So now I will give you an idea of what you do on this game.

1st thing is you have to make an account, and it doesn't cost money ( I hate the games that cost money😕). next it will say start project, and it will ask you if you want it to be a house or an office etc. After that it will pop up with a bunch of things like "make a room" or "build a wall" ect. And you can decorate it however you want it to be. I love this game because I always want to make my future house, and see what its like. 

I hope you enjoyed this. And that it gave you an idea on how you would like house office etc to look like. Make sure to go check out my last post. And if you need to ask me any thing then just go to my contact page. 

Love Ash💗  

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