Floating Cooler!

Hey everyone! Today the diy is for summer, because summer is here and if you have a pool you will want something to drink because you get dehydrated. But you do not want to have to get out of the pool so you can make a floating cooler very easily.

You will need: 
💧 A container ( that can get wet )
💧 A pool noodle
💧 String 
💧 Scissors 
💧 Ice 
💧 drinks

Start by taking the container and the and the pool noodle and measuring it,you do not need a ruler just do it by eyeing it. Then cut the pool noodle in to four parts with the same measurement. next you will need the string, your going to wrap it around three time. And you are going to string the string through the four parts of the pool noodle. Grab the stringed pool noodles and wrap it around, so it will have one part of the noodle one each side. tie it tight so it won't slip out. then you can pour the ice in and the drinks. 

That's all! It is super easy and cute. I hope you enjoyed this and it helped you. Make sure to go check out my other posts along with my other diys. BYE! 

Love Ash💗