Friday, May 19, 2017

Family movies!

Hey everyone! Today will be about, 5 movies we ( my family ) watched and recommend it for your family.

One that we just saw at the theater 🎥, is guardians of galaxy vol. 2. This is rated PG13. Defiantly not a kid movie🙇. There are some inappropriate scenes🙅.

Lion, is a great movie. It's about a kid who goes to work with his brother👬, and then his brother leaves him and then the boy goes everywhere looking for his family👪. I recommend it, it's a movie that will teach you a life lesson. It is also rated PG13. 

Inside out, is rated PG. This is a good movie. My family loves it💗. It has a very good life lesson at the end📖.

 The Hunger games series, these are my favorite movies ever. They are  all rated PG13, they are violent🔪 and funny😃.

Storks👶 is super cute and funny movie. It's rated PG. Great movie for family 👪.

That is all the movies we have watched and recommend it for y'all. I hope you enjoyed it! Comment down below if you want me to do a day were I post about teen stuff, maybe Saturday can be teen saturday. Make sure to go check out my other posts, along with my other family Friday's. Bye 👋

Love Ash💗

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