Hey everyone! Today I will be showing you how to decorate a purse with a CD. It can be used as a makeup bag or a pencil holder etc


You will need: 


❤ A small bag 
❤ Scissors
❤ Gorilla glue

Start by cutting out shapes with the CD, you could do triangles or squares. Cut out little and big shapes, then you will put gorilla glue on the bottom of the shape and put them on the bag. ( to get gorilla glue of your skin run some lotion on the part you got it on And you can then easily scrape it off. )And you have a cute and funny bag. It is very easy and simple to put together.

That's it. I hope you enjoyed this! It was a very short post but it was easy to make, and super cute at the end. Make sure to go and check out my other posts and leave a comment if you enjoyed this DIY.

Love Ash💗