5 Things Only Lazy People Understand

Hey everyone! Yesterday I was trying to think about what I can post on my blog. and at night I was watching a youtuber who did Things Only Lazy People Understand. So I thought it would be perfect for my blog! Please send me through email ashdebruin10@gmail.com or in the comments, some ideas to do on the blog, now lets get started!

When your laying in bed and you forgot to turn off the light, so you start throwing things at the switch and hope for it to turn off, because your to lazy to get up and turn it off.

When you lay down on the couch assuming that the remote is right there, but then realizing it is all the way across the room and then hoping that you will have the power to make the remote come to you, because your to lazy to get up and get it.

 When something is right nest to you but your to lazy to get up and grab it so you call someone in to the room just to get it for you.

 Laying in the living room with your phone, and you know it is about to die but you just wait until it is just about to die, then run into your room as fast as you can to charge it.

You have a fit bit and yu want to get your steps up but your to lazy to walk from your room to the kitchen. 

That is all. I hope you enjoyed this post! I know that I can relate to all of these, comment down below if you can relate to any of them. BYEEE!

Love Ash💗


Hey everyone! Welcome back. I am so sorry I have not posted in a while I have been very busy with school cause we just started up again. Today I thought I could share this workout you can do at home  that will only take you like ten minutes everyday. 

This is one of the coolest workouts I have ever seen! You do not have to do your name every time,  you can do your last name, your boyfriends name or your friends name etc! 


Please comment down below if you want to see anything else on this blog. I am starting this workout and will tell y'all if this worked. You might need to do this for about 2 months if you want it to actually help you lose calories :[ I hope you enjoyed this! Cant wait to post some more for y'all. BYE

Love Ash💗

Back To School Backpacks (For Girls)

Hey everyone! Summer is getting closer and closer to the end, and I thought it would be awesome if I did something were y'all can see some of the stuff what put in my backpack! So lets get started. 


#1 Backpack. You need a backpack to hold all your stuff, or else you'll always have sore arms from holding your books!


#2 Binders. You will obviously need binders for your homework or work already done. you can also get my cute binder covers here! → Binder Covers!


#3 Pencils. Everyone needs pencils! You cant do any of your work with out those. They can be pencils colored pencils etc. Any kind of pencils. You should always pack a pencil case with pencils, markers,  pencil sharpener, or scissors, and even an eraser, anything you pack in there. and I always keep in another pocket in my backpack like 5 more pencils cause I always run out! At least one time a month I always have to ask one of my friends for a pencil!😂


#4 Note-Book. I always pack a note book just in case I need to take notes or write a phone number down. In my class, its a bible study I always bring a notebook for that class in case I need to write a prayer down or a reminder.


#5 Just In Case Bag. The just in case bag is a bag for girls who always forget things. Like a hair tie, some deodorant, also a feminine product.  Go check out my my other post.→ A tween girls survival Kit! 


There you go, your 5 things you will defiantly need for school. I am also so sorry I have not been posting I was on my last summer vacation at a wonderful lake house... But know I am back! I hope you enjoyed! If you pack anything different please tell me in the comments below. Bye guys!

Love Ash💗 

Binder Covers!

Hey everyone! Today I was thinking and I thought about the end of the year and what I could use for a binder cover, and then I was like why dont I make some for my blog so we can all have cute binders! so here are 25 binder covers.

I hope you enjoy these! At this link, you can find how to edit your binder cover: Editing a binder cover - Who's Anna Grace

Love Ash💗


Hey everyone! Welcome back, today I thought I would share another story in my life that happened to me when I was 4 years old. So here we go...

    My dad had just left to NY for a youth group meeting, my moms side of the family lived were my dad was going so my grandparents and my uncle came down and we were planning on going to go to the beach. And keep in mind we had only lived in Mobile for about 6 months. so we were off to the beach as soon as my family came, on our way we stopped at Alligator Alley, because we thought it would be fun to look at the alligators. So we all jumped out of the car and everyone got their tennis shoes on, because they thought it would be a hike, except for me I kept my flip flops on because I was comfortable in those. Then we started to walk down the side walk seeing the water but we saw no alligators, and it was not a hike😜. On our way back I saw some picnic tables, so I decided to walk over by them. And as soon as I put my foot in the grass my foot started to hurt and then I started to cry, and my mom said " you should have worn tennis shoes. " Because she thought it was red ants. then she looked down, and below my ankle was 2 trickles of blood. We both looked up and saw a snake slither away. I was still crying and my grandpa picked me up And back to the car, everyone followed and my uncle picked up my little sister and ran too, but Alexis dropped her shoes so he ran back grabbed her shoes then got in the car. My mom called the ambulance and we met them at a gas station, they put me in a chair in the fire truck, checked my foot then I went in the ambulance and road to the hospital, my whole leg was turning black and every time it went up the doctors would mark it with a sharpie and write the time. Just me and my mom went, and my grandparents and uncle went to the house with my sisters and waited till I got out of the hospital to go to the beach. I couldn't walk on it, the doctors put me in a room to get shots but they did not let mom come in so when they were done, I spent 1 day in that room then they moved us to another room so my mom could sleep because there was no bed or couch in the last one. The first time I had to go to the bathroom in the room they gave me a bucket, and I said that I would not pee in that so they brought me a toilet. Another day went by and my grandma came to watch me while mom went home to take a shower, she also brought all of my sisters and some toys from our house😜. My sisters and I pretended that we were on a roller coaster in my bed🎢. when my mom got back we all said goodbye and they left. The last day mom and I decided to go to the play room, while my mom went to the bath room she told me to practice wealing around in the weal-chair. When we got to the play room I played with the doctor toys the whole time, and when we were leaving a nurse came up to us and gave me the set to keep, and it costed like $20! Finally we went to the beach but I still could not walk so I had to scooch around on my butt. My mom and grandparents decided to put me in the salt water, and then the next day my leg was feeling much better. On the last day My mom told me to go brush my teeth so I scoched in there and reached for my tooth brush, and then I pushed myself up using the counter top, and I could walk! I ran out to the living room and told everyone, so I guess salt water can help wounds😉. When we got home my other grandparents had sent a little doctor baby doll. and I got to see my dad!

I hope you enjoyed this! It took me three hours to type all this. If you have any questions then leave it in the description and I will answer. and that is it. BYE!!!

Love Ash💗 

Shoe Haul!

Hey everyone! I recently went shopping for some new shoes, since it is summer. And thought y'all would like to see them. so here they are!

This pair of shoes, I got at kohls. They were originally $40, but ended up being $8 with kohls cash. That was a deal😋. They are super comfortable and very cute! the brand is Simply Vera-Vera Wang.

This next pairs brand is teva. They are basically chocos, but they are different brands, and I personally think they are much more comfortable. And they are like $60. There are also more styles. I gt these at shoe station, but I am sure you can find them at your local she store.

This brand is champion, but I got these at a bargain store called dirt cheap. They are normally $20 but I got them for $4. they are in very nice shape and are very comfortable!  

When I saw these heals I died! I thought they were super cute, my mom kept on giving me other pairs which were cute but these I loved! The brand is Blow-fish Malibu but I also bought them at she station. 

these are very nice. I also bought these one at dirt cheap. The brand is Mossimo. they are great as play shoes and nice shoes. And these shoes were only $4 too!

I hope you enjoyed this post! this is my first post with me having to take pictures so I hope that they are good. And that is all I have to show y'all, BYE!

Love Ash

Summer Morning Routine!

Hey everyone!Today I thought it would be a fun thing if I told y'all my summer morning routine. So let's get this started!

I normally wake up at seven or eight, I don't really enjoy sleeping in.😛 After that I go to kitchen and eat breakfast then I will catch up on youtube. And when I am done with that I get dressed, make my bed, and brush my hair and teeth, and put on my makeup. Once I am done with that, I do my chore, and then I get out my math and do a little bit of that. ( we have to do math because we didn't get to finish it in the school year.) Then I hang out with my friends all day long.

I hope you enjoyed this! If you want me to do my night time routine then comment down below. And that is it. Love y'all!

Love Ash💗

My story!

Hey everyone! Welcome back. Today I thought it would be a good idea to share one of my story's with y'all that I wrote. It is not that good but I thought you guys would like it since a lot of  you liked my story I did a couple of days ago. So here it is.

The Bully

      I walked around with my hoodie over my head, trying not to be seen, But then Olivia pulled my hoodie down and yelled, deli girl! Then everyone started laughing I ran to the bathroom and cried on the toilet. When school ended I went home and cried even more. Why Olivia called me deli girl is because my name has the word deli in it, and my mom is a sandwich maker.

My name is Delilah, and This is my life, I am used to this stuff. Olivia Wilde is my enemy. I want to throw her in a fire and watch her burn.... I am kidding, but it would be nice to get her back. I grew up in a rich family, my dad is a doctor and my mom is a sandwich maker. My favorite person in my life is my sister Morgan, she helped me get through 7th grade year, I am in 8th grade know. 7th was the worst year of my life, that's got bullied by the boys, they always called me skinny linny, because I was super skinny, I do not know why linny was apart of that I guess it was just to make it cooler (which it didn't ). This year is a little better. I got a new nick-name, "deli girl." But it's better than skinny linny. everyone says once you get in high school there is no drama. My parents don't know that I get bullied but they knew that something was wrong so my dad got me an iPad. My dad always said the best way to win someone's heart is with money, but my mom never believed that, she said you should always tell your closest person what is going on. She got me a notebook so I can write all my feelings in it, it really helps. My sister Morgan, is in college right know, so I have been trying to get through this semester by myself. Also my dad is always out of town so it is just mom and me.

When I was done crying I went down stairs, because my mom made us dinner, we normally get take-out but she wanted to try something healthy.After dinner mom went to take a phone call while I went on my iPad and texted Morgan.

Me: "Hey Morgan."
Morgan: "Hey how was school?"
Me: "It was OK Olivia called me deli girl😞, but besides that I got A's in all my classes."
Morgan: "You need to tell mom about Olivia. This is getting out of control."
Me: "I  will."
Morgan: " Good, know I have to study. Goodnight, I love you. "
Me: " Goodnight. "

The next morning I woke up, and went down stairs to go eat. Mom already left, so I grabbed a peace of toast and went to school. When I got there I went to class and stay in the way back.

"Class I want you to meet our new student Skyler. She is from New York and has moved all the way to California, and came to our school, can you believe that! she drove too. She needs some friends so everyone after class try to say hello.

I hope y'all enjoyed this! it took me awhile to think and write it. but please leave a comment down below, and tell me if you like it! BYE!

Love Ash💗 

Happy 4th of July!!!

Hey everyone! Happy 4th of July!!! I hope that you guys will have the best time with your family and friends. today I thought it would be a good idea to make a survey for Y'all to take, its about this blog. Please go check it out! And also thank you so much for reading all my posts, I really hope you enjoy them. And I am sorry that this isn't a long post, Today I am spending time with my family because it is 4th of July. and that is it bye guys! 


Love Ash💗

Story Time!

Hey everyone! today is July 1st, and I thought it would be a good idea to start this month if I tell y'all one of my stories in my life.

   This happened when I was in NY, my grandma said when we visit her she would take all of my family on a horse ride, because I love horses. And when the day came we decided it was going to be a grand-daughters and grandma day, so we left my mom at the house and all went out to ride horses. When we got there we thought we took a wrong turn cause no one was there so we all jumped in the car again and drove to the house that was on the lot. so we went there but no one was there either! Then we went back to the barn, the barn was filled with junk.We waited hoping that they are just on a trail ride, and as we were leaving eight horses came walking over by our car with people. When the people from the last trail ride left the lady asked us who is the most experienced with horses, I said I was cause I was the only one who had taken horse lessons. So the lady gave me a horse that used to be a racing horse, we all got on our horses we started our way down the driveway. when we were half way down the driveway my older sister Abby said that she didn't want to do this... So we all went back, grandma decided that Abby and her would stay there while Anna Alexis and I would go alone, oh and there was also an old man who was really rude. while we were in the middle of the trail the lady asked us if we wanted to trot a little bit, we all said yes. So we did it a little every ten minutes, and every time I noticed that my horse was a little to jerky. Finally we were on our way back and I did not want to go trotting again but everyone did so we went in a big field and we started but everyone was ahead of me and I realized that the horse went into a canter. Then as soon as I know it I flew of the horse! My horse ran into the forest area and then I went unconscious for a few seconds. when I woke up she asked me to walk around and I said that my back was broken (but it wasn't 😋.) then when we were riding back I rode her horse, there was no way I was getting back on that horse. when we got home I iced my back because my mom said it was really bruised, and the pain went away in three days. Oh and I fell in a pile of thorns, so my arm was cut up!

That is it! I am planning on once every month I will tell y'all a crazy story of my life. I hope you enjoyed this post! I'll see you guys next time. BYE!

Love Ash💗   

Book Review!

Hey everyone! Today I thought I would do a  book review. I hate reading, but this year I started a series and once I finished it I was like "MORE BOOKS!!"  I am only doing the books I read this month, So lets get started.

Ten Rules For Living With My Sister. This book was written by Ann. M Martin. It is about two sisters who have to share a room, and they have to figure out a way to live with each other.

The Mysterious Benedict Society. This one was written by Trenton Lee Stewart. this is about four kids who were recruited for a mission to stop a bad guy who want to take over the world.

The Mother Daughter Book Club. This book was written by Heather Vogel Fredrick. It is about four girls and half f them do not know each other, but there moms decided to start a mother daughter book club. 

Those are all the books I read this month its not a lot but it some. I hope you enjoyed this! You should defiantly read these books they are all really good. Thats it bye!!!!

Love Ash💗


Hey everyone! As you can tell I updated my blog, and I am super excited about it. Ok so lets get going, Today I am going to be showing y'all all of my favorite inspiring quote, I mean because this blog is all abut inspirational things. 

Do not bury your failure, let them inspire you. 

I survived because the fire inside me, burned brighter than the fire around me.

Throw me to the wolves and ill come back leading the pack.

By doing what you love, you awaken and inspire others.

People will hate you, break you, shake you, and rate you. But how strong you stand is what make you

That is it. those are my favorite quotes. I hope you enjoyed! if you would like drop a comment down below telling me what you would like to see on this blog. and ill see y'all next time. BYE!

Love Ash💗

Bucket List!

Hey everyone! Welcome back. today I am going to be telling y'all about me and friends bucket list. Sometimes we get bored and we need to make a bucket list to keep us active in the summer. these are 35 things we wrote to do this summer.

1. Play three card games
2. Water balloon fight!
3. Have a picnic
4. Bake 
5. Play hide and seek in the mall
6. Go to the movies
7. go to the park
8. have a Book club
9. Do a craft
10. Make homemade ice-cream 
11. Have a lemonade stand
12. Camp-out in back yard
13. Go to the beach
14. RAOK ( random act of kindness )
15. Play the hunger games
16. Wash the car
17. Draw a chalk town
18. Go mini golfing
19. Go roller blading/ bowling
20. Go to baseball game
21. Tie dye
22. Make a fort
23. Ride bikes
24. Go blueberry picking 
25. Go yard saling 
26. Watch the meteor shower
27. Go laser tagging
28. Chase the ice-cream truck
29. Have an all nighter
30. Make a friend-ship playlist
31. Make a time capsule 
32. Have a scrap-book 
33. Do or watch something scary
34. say yes or no for a day
35. Prank call

Those are all the thing we thought would be fun to do for us. I hope you enjoyed this! I am so sorry that I did not post this at the beginning of the summer. but I hope that this will help you or your friends with stuff to do. comment down below if you have any ideas to do this summer. BYE!

Love Ash💗   


A tween girls survival Kit!

Hey everyone! Welcome back today's post is a diy kit for girls. I have had a lot of times were I am out and about, and then I need something, but I don't have it in my purse. so I am going to give you a list of what you would normally need. 

#1 Feminine products
#2 Deodorant
#3 Ibuprofen
#4 Hair Ties
#5 Hair Brush
#6 Underwear
#7 Mints/ Gum
#8 Hand Sanitizer
#9 Tide-to-go
#10 Makeup
#11 Perfume
#12 Chap-Stick
#13 Money
#14 Bag To Hold All Of It

 I hope you enjoyed. I am so sorry I have not posted in a week I have been very busy. I hope this helped you.I do not know if this will help you but this is what I always do, I keep a purse filled with this stuff, and keep it on my purse hook. Then when ever I leave I just add whatever else I need to that same bag and then bring it! That is it!

Love Ash💗

Favorite Songs!

Hey everyone! today I will be telling you 10 of my favorite christian songs and 5 of my favorite non christian songs  for this month. I have been in a singing mood since the beginning f June, it must be a summer thing😋. 

10 Favorite Christian Songs:

#1 No Longer Slaves (Live)- Jonathan David, Melissa Helser
#2 More Than Conquerors- Rend Collective
#3 Lead Me To The Cross- Hillsong United
#4 Awesome God- Michael W. Smith
#5 Rising Sun- All Sons & Daughters
#6 Build Your Kingdom Here- Rend Collective
#7 Oh How I Need You- All Sons & Daughters
#8 My Lighthouse- Rend Collective
#9 Overwhelmed- Big Daddy Weave
#10 The Lion And The Lamb- Big Daddy Weave

5 Favorite Non Christian Songs:

#1 Youth- Troye Sivan
#2 Arms- Christina Perri
#3 Closer- The Chainsmokers
#4 Confident- Demi Lovato
#5 DNA- Lia Marie Johnson

Those are my Favorite songs for June. I hope you Enjoyed this Post! Make sure to drop a comment if you have any favorite songs. Also be sure to check out my other posts. BYE!

Love Ash💗


Hey everyone! Welcome back today's Quotes are about family. 

When we have each other, we have everything.

Families are like branches, they all go there own way. But they are always connected by the roots of the tree.

That is it. I hope you enjoyed these quotes! be sure to comment down bellow your favorite family quote. BYE.

Love Ash💗

How to make a cup out of paper!

Hey everyone! today I am going to tell you how to make a cup that does not leak. All you need is paper and scissors!

Start by getting one piece of paper and folding one corner to the bottom so it will look kinda like a triangle. Next you are going to cut the strip so now it should look like a big triangle. Then you are going to fold one corner to the middle and fold the other corner on top of that folded piece, so both corner are in the middle now. Lastly you should only have the top part of the triangle that is not folded down, you are going to fold the one on the back side backward and the one on the front side fold that one forward but tuck it in the piece that was folded over the bottom one. and it will look like a flat folded piece of paper, so you are going to pull it open. and then you you have your own non leak-able cup.

I hoped you enjoyed this! I know that I did. I made these all last night, cause they were so addicting😄. 

Love Ash💗


Hey everyone! Today's post is: How to make a choker. I love making these, they are so easy and fun! so here's what you need: 

*Two Beads

Start by measuring the string around your neck at the length you want it to be, and mark it. Then cut it right at the part that you marked it at. Next you are going to grab one of your beads and string it on to the string, then string the charm and the last bead. When your beads are strung on your going to tie a not on each end. Lastly you are going to separate your clasp and the clip side goes on one side and the connector goes on the other side. Make sure to double not the clasp!  

And there you go, you got a choker. Instead of buying one you can just make one yourself. I hope you enjoyed this DIY!

Love Ash💗

Sister Quotes!

Hey everyone! Welcome back, today the quotes are on sisters.

" A sister is someone who loves you from the heart. No matter how much you argue you cannot be drawn apart. She is a joy that cannot be taken away. Once she enters your life she is there to stay."

"A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost."

That is it. I hope you enjoyed! Yesterday I didn't get to post because I was very busy😞. But I think I am going to start posting three times a week, they wont be like diy Monday, but I will still be posting. Bye!  

Candy Popsicle's!

Hey everyone! Welcome back. the diy today is how to make candy Popsicle's.

You will need: 

* Popsicle Molder 
* Candy 
* Soda

Start by putting half a cup of whatever candy you would like, into the molder, then put one cup of soda in, it can also be whatever kind of soda you like. When it is all in there stir it. next you will put it in the freezer for about 12 hours. then you can pull them out and enjoy.

That is it. I hope you enjoyed! I know that this is super short, but it should be longer next time😟. Byeee! 

Love Ash💗

Summer quotes!

Hey everyone! Welcome back. Today's quotes are about summer! Because summer is here.

Lazy days. Splish splash spioosh. Days of sunshine. Ice cream and popsicles. Giggles and smiles. Burgers~hot dogs~corn on the cob. Twinkling stars. Camp fires and S'mores. SUMMER.

SUMMER! Hair gets lighter. Skin gets darker. Water gets warmer. Drinks get colder. Music gets louder. Nights get longer. Life gets better.

There you go, these are my favorite summer quotes. I hope you enjoyed this. Make sure to go check out my other posts. Byeee!

Love Ash💗

Throat hacks!

Hey everyone! Welcome back. Today's two hacks are helping your throat. 

If your throat starts to hurt eat a marshmallow. It will help it stop being sore.

When you know your going to throw up, first eat vanilla ice cream. It won't stop the puking, but it will take the burning sensation away.

That's all. I hope this will help you next time you have throat problems😢. Be sure to go check out my last two hack Tuesdays, along with my other posts.

Love Ash💗

Floating Cooler!

Hey everyone! Today the diy is for summer, because summer is here and if you have a pool you will want something to drink because you get dehydrated. But you do not want to have to get out of the pool so you can make a floating cooler very easily.

You will need: 
💧 A container ( that can get wet )
💧 A pool noodle
💧 String 
💧 Scissors 
💧 Ice 
💧 drinks

Start by taking the container and the and the pool noodle and measuring it,you do not need a ruler just do it by eyeing it. Then cut the pool noodle in to four parts with the same measurement. next you will need the string, your going to wrap it around three time. And you are going to string the string through the four parts of the pool noodle. Grab the stringed pool noodles and wrap it around, so it will have one part of the noodle one each side. tie it tight so it won't slip out. then you can pour the ice in and the drinks. 

That's all! It is super easy and cute. I hope you enjoyed this and it helped you. Make sure to go check out my other posts along with my other diys. BYE! 

Love Ash💗


Hey everyone! I just wanted to say that I am going to take a break from family Friday. I am just to busy on Friday. That is it but please go and check out my other posts. 

Love Ash💗

Quotes For Friends!

Hey everyone! welcome back, today I will be giving you two of my favorite quotes for friends.


I think of my BEST FRIEND and know that she is the person who will be there for me, even when I can't be here for myself, who will CHEER me to my greatest heights and who will CONSOLE me when I've fallen down. She will STAND UP for me and LIE DOWN beside me. She will FORGIVE me when I have hurt her. 

I'LL BE THERE FOR YOU. If you've got SECRETS  you want to tell, we can TALK all day long. If your DREAMS get broken somehow, I will remind you that you belong. If you need someplace to HIDE, you can hold my HAND for a while. If your SKY begins to fall, I will STAY with you till you SMILE. If someone breaks your HEART I'll help you unbreak it  when you feel SAD. When you NEED a FRIEND I'll STAY.

Those are my two favorite quotes for friends. I HOPE YOU ENJOYED THESE QUOTES! and be sure to go check out my last posts. BYE!!!!!!!

Love Ash💗 

Two Summer Hacks!

Hey everyone! Welcome back. It is getting closer and closer to summer so here are two hacks for the summer.

I always get Sun burnt, unless I sit under an umbrella for the whole time😞. How to turn your sunburn on to a tan, is for three days straight every morning and night you can mix up a bowl of lavender oil and coconut oil. Then just rub it on your back, it will take seat the sting and then redness. If you don't have lavender oil apple cider vinegar mixed with coconut oil will work just as good as the lavender oil.

If you don't want to get wet you can go to the dollar store and buy a blow up  kitty pool then put it in the water and there you have it you have a nice little float that you can fill it up with a little bit of water so you won't melt. And it will float.

That's all. I hope you liked these hacks! And maybe it will help you next to a you to a pool of a beach🌴. Bye!

Love Ash💗


Hey everyone! Today I will be showing you how to decorate a purse with a CD. It can be used as a makeup bag or a pencil holder ect. 

You will need: 

❤ A small bag 
❤ Scissors
❤ Gorilla glue

Start by cutting out shapes with the CD, you could do triangles or squares. Cut out little and big shapes, then you will put gorilla glue on the bottom of the shape and put them on the bag. ( to get gorilla glue of your skin run some lotion on the part you got it on And you can then easily scrape it off. )And you have a cute and funny bag. It is very easy and simple to put together.

That's it. I hope you enjoyed this! It was a very short post but it was easy to make, and super cute at the end. Make sure to go and check out my other posts and leave a comment if you enjoyed this DIY.

Love Ash💗

Family movies!

Hey everyone! Today will be about, 5 movies we ( my family ) watched and recommend it for your family.

One that we just saw at the theater 🎥, is guardians of galaxy vol. 2. This is rated PG13. Defiantly not a kid movie🙇. There are some inappropriate scenes🙅.

Lion, is a great movie. It's about a kid who goes to work with his brother👬, and then his brother leaves him and then the boy goes everywhere looking for his family👪. I recommend it, it's a movie that will teach you a life lesson. It is also rated PG13. 

Inside out, is rated PG. This is a good movie. My family loves it💗. It has a very good life lesson at the end📖.

 The Hunger games series, these are my favorite movies ever. They are  all rated PG13, they are violent🔪 and funny😃.

Storks👶 is super cute and funny movie. It's rated PG. Great movie for family 👪.

That is all the movies we have watched and recommend it for y'all. I hope you enjoyed it! Comment down below if you want me to do a day were I post about teen stuff, maybe Saturday can be teen saturday. Make sure to go check out my other posts, along with my other family Friday's. Bye 👋

Love Ash💗

Quotes for girls!

      Hey everyone! today is my first TWO QUOTE WEDNESDAY! I will show you two of my favorite quotes for girls.

I am not hot or gorgeous. I do not have an amazing figure or a flat stomach. i am far from being considered a modal, but I am me. I eat food, I have curves, I have more fat than I should. Some people love me, some people hate me. I have done good, I have done bad. I love my PJ's, and I go without makeup. I am random and crazy. and I do not try to be someone I am not. If I love you I do it with all my heart. I do not apologize for who I am, and I will not change for you. 

Yes I am a female! I push doors that clearly say PULL. I laugh harder when I try to explain why I am laughing. I walk into a room and forget I was there. I count on my fingers. I hide my pain from my loved ones. I say it is a long when it really is not, just to get out of having to tell it. I cry a lot more than you think I do. I care about people who do not care about me.I am strong because I have to be, not because I want to be. I listen to you, even when you do not listen to me. and a hug will always help. yes I am a female.

That's all. I hope you enjoyed. leave a comment if you relate to these quotes. and make sure to go check out my last posts.

Love Ash💗  

Shoe Hacks!

Hey everyone! Welcome back, today I will be telling you two life hacks for shoes👟👠👞👢.

You know how whenever you wear converse or any white shoes and they get dirty then the white turns brown, to restore the white you can use toothpaste or baking soda.

Have you ever bought shoes wear they fit perfectly then when you get home they are a little to small, to make them for better wear a fuzzy sock under your shoes then blow dry it for about 10 minutes or will fit much better.

I hope you enjoyed this! Make sure to go check out my previous two life hacks along with my other posts.

Love Ash💗

5 minute dry erase board!

      Hey everyone! Welcome back today I will be showing you how to make a five minute dry erase board. This can be given as a gift or you can keep it for your self. 

You will need: 

- A picture frame 
- Scrap book paper
- Dry erase markers 
- Scissors
- Glue

     You will start by taking apart the picture frame then cut the length of the paper to the size of the frame. Then put the glue on the back of the paper and let it sit and dry for about 1 minute. When that's done drying, put it in and then you can start writing on it.

That is it. I hope you enjoyed! This was very short 😖 and it will be longer next time. But I hope you did like it. And I will be posting on Wednesdays it will be called QUOTE WEDNESDAY. I will be posting 2 of my favorite quotes. Make sure to go check out my previous diys along with my other posts.

Love Ash💗

Family Games!

Hey everyone! Today I will be telling you 10 games we love to play as a family.

#1 Catan📄 is a very strategic game, but it's still fun to play as a family.

#2 Monopoly💸💸💸 we play this game only once a year because it can take up to 2 hours. However it's still fun. 

#3 Clue🔪 is one of my favorite games because I love murder mysteries.

#4 Pie face🍰 is very funny to watch because the players get hit in the face with whipped cream😄

#5 Risk🔫 is a very hard game because you battle and fight over worlds.

#6 Codenames🔎 is somewhat like Clue because it's a spy game, but a little different in the way that it's a card game and you're trying to find your secret agents on the board. 

#7 Guesstures🃏 is like charades but you have a time limit.

#8 Speak out😲 You put a mouth opener and you have to say words while everyone else tries to guess what you're saying.

#9 Trivial pursuit🙆 you have to really use your brain and knowledge of facts in this game.

#10 Picwits 📷 is a lot like Apples to Apples but with pictures!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Make sure to go check out the last Family Friday and my other posts too! 

Love Ash💗

Hair Hacks

Hey everyone! today is TWO HACK TUESDAY. These two hacks are for your hair.


If you ever want to straighten your hair without heat, mix a cup of water with two tbsp of brown sugar, pour it into a spray bottle, get your hair wet before you spray that mix into your hair and let it air dry.

To get your hair to grow quicker massage Aloe Vera into your scalp. Let it sit for an hour. Then rinse with warm water.

That is it. I hope you enjoyed this. this is very short and next week hopefully it will be longer.

Love Ash💗 


Hey everyone! Today is DIY MONDAY, and I will be showing you how to make slime.

You will need:

* Elmer's glue
* Borax 

* Water
* food coloring 

Start by putting the glue in a bowl ( the bowl can be any size). With the glue bottle fill it with water to the top, dump it in the same bowl with the glue. 

Next you will put one cup of water in to a microwaveable bowl then pop it in the microwave for about a minute and thirty seconds. When that is done put one teaspoon of borax into the hot water, and stir till it is dissolved.
After that your going to pour the water into the glue and water bowl, just a little bit at a time!😜 You can mix it with a fork or be crazy and dive right in😀, it should be less sticky to your fork or hands when you mix it more. While its still sticky add your food coloring to it and mix it up. And here are some simple things you should know about slime. It will wash out of clothes. Add water if it gets sticky.
That is it, I hope you enjoyed this DIY! And make sure to go check out my previous posts. 

Love Ash💗 

Family fun

Hey everyone! Today is family Friday and I am going to give you five things that you can do with your family.

#1 go to the beach🌊. You dont always have to go to swim. We go and get subway then walk on the beach when we're done eating.

#2 go and see a movie🎬. We went and saw a new movie last night we got popcorn, candy etc. I loved hearing my family laugh  😄. When the movie ends we always get to share our favorite a about the movie!

#3 go out to eat🍝. We love going out to dinner it gives us a chance to talk and see what's going on in our lives.

#4 play a game at home🎲. Most of us love games, sometimes we make a night were we all sit down and play our favorite games. Like Catan!

#5 go on a walk👟. All of us love going on a walk at night time. It doesn't have to be somewhere nice, we go around the block.

That is it! I hope y'all enjoyed this, and it gave you some idea what you can do. Make sure to go check out my other posts.

Love Ash💗

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